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Our goal is to assist you in planning your next family vacation. Planning a vacation should be fun and stress-free, and with our help, you will enjoy every bit of it. What’s more, we bring you great deals on everything you need for your vacation, so you can even save money while you plan.

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Using our 800+ advance booking engine will always keep you formed of the most updated flight, hotel, car rental and cruise details, prices and deals.

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Funinthesuntraveldeals is completely free.When you click Book on a deal, we transfer you directly to the travel agent or company.No additional taxes and hidden fees.your dream into reality!

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Our goal is to give you choices with the best prices, discounts and deals on flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises.


Credit card and personal information are safe and secure when booking online with us.

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Our services extend to getting you the best deals on:


  • Air flights
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals
  • Cruises
  • Tours
  • Travel Insurance
  • Amazing and unique carry-on travel luggage: Nomatic and Meet Preston


Fun in the Sun is your one-stop-shop for everything travel-related. You can plan your whole vacation by visiting just our site. We bring you relevant search results from over 800+ travel sites, including,,, and many more to give you the best travel deals, and to make planning your next vacation is easy, convenient, fun and relaxing.

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Advantages of using Fun in the Sun

  • We have no hidden costs.
  • We bring you the best deals and discounts for your vacation.
  • You get all the information you need to plan your vacation in one place.
  • You can compare the costs of flights, hotels, tour packages, car rentals, and more and choose the ones that suit your budget and time best suited to you,
  • We use the most advanced tech and our 800+ search engines to get you the most streamlined results from all across the internet,
  • You can read actual reviews from other travelers, so you know what to expect at each place and what you absolutely must try.
  • You can plan all your activities through our site.
  • We also provide travel insurance for your protection while on your time away from home,
  • We have the best travel carry-on travel luggage: Nomatic and Meet Preston
  • You can find e-books and travel guides on our site for a variety of holiday destinations.
  • Our partner portals use the state-of-the-art internet security to keep your payment details safe and secure.


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Our site has been designed for your ease and convenience. Simply click on the tab that you need and enter your details in the form. Click Search, and we will do the rest. Planning your vacation has never been this easy or so much fun!

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