Mexico Mexico, which lies on the southern border of the United States of America, is a cultural powerhouse. From ancient Mayan ruins and the avocado to vast biodiversity and beaches, Mexico has it all. One of the most ecologically diverse countries on earth, Mexico is home to several national parks and protected eco-zones. The natural


Florida With an extensive coast and great weather throughout the year, Florida attracts thousands of tourists each year. Located in the southeastern tip of the United States, Florida has many beautiful places to visit, including the Everglades, Disney World, Miami Beach, the Castillo de San Marco, and the Kennedy Space Center, to name just a


Cuba One of pop culture’s most iconic images is that of a man in a beret. The man, of course, is Che Guevara, a leader in the Cuban Revolution which lasted from 1956-59. Holiday in Cuba, and you will see many portraits of Mr. Guevara in the cities. But Cuba is so much more than


Caribbean Have you always dreamed of visiting the Caribbean? Pristine azure waters, the perfect weather, and night-long parties- the Caribbean certainly lends itself to be a dream vacation destination. But did you know that there are over 700 islands in the archipelago? Here are some other great facts about the Caribbean Islands:   The islands


California California, with almost 900 miles of coastline, is a beautiful state for a beach holiday. Lots of sunshine, blue skies, Disneyland, and Hollywood make California a prime tourist destination. From Long Beach to Laguna Beach and Yosemite to Joshua Tree National Park, California is brimming with natural beauty. California is also home to a


Bahamas The Bahamas is a group of over 700 coral-based islands that are a part of the Lucayan Archipelago in the Caribbean. In true Caribbean style, the Bahamas Islands are like paradise on earth with stunning blue waters, clear skies, and miles of pristine beaches. The people of the Bahamas are very friendly, and this

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