The Bahamas is a group of over 700 coral-based islands that are a part of the Lucayan Archipelago in the Caribbean. In true Caribbean style, the Bahamas Islands are like paradise on earth with stunning blue waters, clear skies, and miles of pristine beaches. The people of the Bahamas are very friendly, and this is a great place for a family vacation, but it’s also a great place to honeymoon or vacation with your friends. Book your Bahamas travel online and get some great travel deals.

Planning your Bahamas vacation

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Bahamas activities

Here are some fun activities you must try in the Bahamas:


  • Try some local food during the Nassau Island Food Tour.
  • Get a dose of history with a cultural tour of the Bahamas.
  • Explore Sandy Toes and Rose Island beaches.
  • Hop on a Catamaran and do some sailing and snorkeling.

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