California, with almost 900 miles of coastline, is a beautiful state for a beach holiday. Lots of sunshine, blue skies, Disneyland, and Hollywood make California a prime tourist destination. From Long Beach to Laguna Beach and Yosemite to Joshua Tree National Park, California is brimming with natural beauty. California is also home to a diversity of cultures, cuisines, and lots of celebrities. Rest assured; there is never a dull moment when vacationing in California.


With so much to see and do, it makes sense to plan a California vacation well. California is a big state, and depending on your time and budget, you need to pick and choose the places to visit and where you will stay. If you are looking for California cheap flights and hotels, then Fun in the Sun has exactly what you want.


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Activities in California

Through our site, you can plan a whole bunch of fun activities for you and your family in California:


  • Skip the line on a visit to San Diego Zoo
  • Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco on a cruise
  • Do a Hop-On/Hop-Off tour of Alcatraz
  • Visit Universal Studios in Hollywood
  • Rent a Kayak on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe


And lots more fun adventures in California.


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