One of pop culture’s most iconic images is that of a man in a beret. The man, of course, is Che Guevara, a leader in the Cuban Revolution which lasted from 1956-59. Holiday in Cuba, and you will see many portraits of Mr. Guevara in the cities. But Cuba is so much more than one historical figure. The beaches are described as having sand-like sugar that sparkles in the sunlight. The tobacco fields stretch for miles, and the churches display stunning architecture.


Cuba is a land of many faces from the bustling cities to the breath-taking wilderness. The Caribbean Island with Havana as its capital is a popular tourist destination and could just be where you holiday next with your family. Let Planning your Cuban vacation be a fun adventure with our help.


A magical Cuban holiday

Cuba has a fusion of cultures which influences its food and festivals. Like any island in the Caribbean, its beaches are splendid, and its geography lends itself to picturesque natural beauty, which includes the Sierra Maestra mountains and the Viñales Valley. If you are visiting Cuba, we bring you cheap flights and hotels in Cuba that makes the most of the time you have and give you the best experience regardless of your budget. Fun in the Sun can help you with Cuba car rentals and tour packages too.

Cuba Flights Destination

Cuba Hotels Destination

Activities to do in Cuba

Fun in the Sun helps you to plan a fun-filled Cuban holiday. Here are some of the activities you can do when on holiday in Cuba:


  • The Classic American Car Tour with Cocktails
  • Local food walking tour in Old Havana
  • Yumuri Valley jeep safari
  • Cayo Blanco catamaran cruise with dolphins

And more!

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